USI’s Underground Utility Locating Services are the best solution for Municipalities, Utilities, Engineers and Contractors alike.

Hitting a gas line with a backhoe, trencher or HDD could be catastrophic to your project. No matter what industry you are in, the type of project or surface, incorporating accurate utility locating into your due diligence and risk management best practices will save you time, money, and potential harm to your team.

Because not all areas for construction are safe and feasible for large equipment or extensive excavation, spending the time to locate all of your underground assets before you dig is the best way to manage risk.

USI Locate utility locating is the right solution for your SUE, due diligence and risk management needs.

USI serves many industries to meet their locating needs.


Wherever precision digging is needed within your municipality, using our locating techniques is the safest, fastest, most cost-effective option available.

Our locating services are the perfect first step for all types of projects, such as water valve replacements, trenching, cold-weather digging, as well as pipeline locating, identification and rehabilitation. Before you dig, make sure have USI Locate identify your underground assets.


Utility location is an essential best practice before you proceed with installing or replacing any city utility.

ANY utility that is damaged is costly and potentially harmful. Damage can only be prevented when you practice proactive risk management at all stages of a project. That happens when you know exactly where your utilities are located visually and on paper. USI Locate's utility location services provides you peace of mind, lowers your costs, and prevents harm to your crews.


We can save you real money in prevented damage costs & project delays when you identify your underground utilities.

USI Locate's services allow you to plan ahead and anticipate as many potential challenges, delays, and cost overruns as possible when you use us as a part of any project’s due diligence process.

Utility locating can save you tens of thousands of dollars on utility repairs and protect your bottom line.


Hitting a utility with a trencher or HDD could be massively catastrophic to your project. Shutting down your project for a day or more could be financially damaging.

Because not all areas for construction are safe and feasible for large equipment or extensive excavation, using our utility locating services is the best way to manage your risk, do your due diligence and plan ahead.

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