21 years of proven experience across the Southwest.

Founded by professionals for professionals.

What do you do when you can’t find safe, fast, economical AND accurate underground utility locating? You do it yourself! Founded in 2003, Underground Solutions (USI) was formed out of necessity by experienced utility contractors with over 60 years of combined underground utility construction and rehabilitation expertise.

Our business has exploded as more engineering firms, water & sewer districts, municipal customers and utility contractors have realized the need to perform due diligence, because of the high costs of repairing underground utilities that were not properly located and documented over decades.

After 21 years of utility locating in Southern California, USI began to receive requests to open a branch in Arizona. USI Locate, Inc. opened in early 2019 to focus on the state of Arizona and the rest of the Southwest. Our team immediately took off, providing our Arizona clientele with the same great service and underground utility locating knowledge we’ve always offered in California.

Arizona and California love USI; we have partnered with over 600 municipalities, utilities, engineering firms and contractors in both states over the last 5 years alone.

What differentiates our services from our competitors, and from 811? We locate what 811 doesn’t.

When you use 811 prior to any excavation work within your public-side dig area, utility companies and local governments mark only what they own and operate – typically to the meter. Our  Locating Services identify all private-side utilities within your dig area beyond the meter – including gas lines, electrical conduits, water lines (plastic or metal), and sewer lines.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with safe, efficient and accurate utility locating. Our locating technologies will keep your critical projects on schedule, your staff safe, and prevent you from realizing the costly damages and fines that come with damaged underground assets.

Make USI Locate your first and only choice for underground utility locating services in Arizona.

These Arizona companies have partnered with USI Locate for their SUE needs.

Need to dig? Ready to get started? We won't make you wait.

Don’t risk downtime or injury. Get the most accurate underground utility locating services in Arizona today.

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