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Dig and plant safely this summer.

Working in your garden? Planting a tree? Installing sprinklers?

You may be digging close to private underground utility lines connecting to your home. Contact USI Locate to have your private underground lines marked before your project begins.

Notify USI before you dig.

USI locates what 811 doesn’t. 811 will only locate public utilities outside of your property. Call USI before you dig anywhere on your property - we can locate all utility lines on your property - 811 does not. By locating your “private side” utilities ahead of time, you can prevent potential costly damage to your property, filing insurance claims and increases to your insurance premiums. Planning ahead can save you real time and money.

Get your utilities marked.

You should leave all colored flags, stakes or paint marking private side underground lines in place until you finish digging. These markers, placed by USI Locate, are valid
for 28 days.

Dig safely. Avoid Damage.

It’s important to use hand digging tools instead of heavy digging equipment when working within 24 inches of the outside edge of any private side underground lines that USI Locate has marked. Dig slowly and carefully to avoid accidental damage to underground lines.

Don’t wait. Mark your private utilities & stay safe.

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